Education for Development

PRD school programs, sponsored by ETFO (Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario), are designed to improve the quality of education services for all children in rural communities. As an important part of achieving equity and equality for all children, PRD recognizes the need to ensure programs address the needs of vulnerable girls.

The project includes:

  1. Early Childhood Care And Development (ECCD) And Kindergarten
  2. Professional Development for Teachers
  3. English Club for Girls
  4. Sports Club for Girls
  5. Scholarships for Girls
  6. Mobile and School Libraries and Reading Room
  7. Life Skills
  8. Eco-Ranger Clubs for girls
  9. Computer Club for girls in High School

Early Childhood Care And Development (ECCD) And Kindergarten

PRD has designed a comprehensive program for kindergartners that provides teaching methods and materials to the instructors and develops playgrounds at the primary schools, complete with building materials and the laborers to install and paint the equipment.

Since 2018/2019, PRD has supported ECCD and kindergarten programs in five schools (three in Samlout, two in Pailin, and one community preschool in Samlout). All ECCD and kindergartens are located in primary schools; and the community preschool is in Prey Rumchek village. PRD provides learning materials and teaching skills to all of these school teachers.

Professional Development for Teachers

Through teacher workshops, PRD helps strengthen teaching capacities, focusing on methodology, gender equality, the production of teaching and learning materials, and organizing Child Friendly Schools.

Since 2018/2019, PRD has worked closely with the district government education officers in Samlout and Pailin to conduct workshops promoting capacity building of kindergarten teachers.

English Club for Girls

PRD offers a voluntary after school English speaking program for children in eight primary schools in the provinces. PRD also conducts workshops for teachers of English and provides instructional materials for teachers and students.

Since 2019, PRD has supported English clubs for girl students in all 8 schools in Samlout & Pailin. One club has 30 girl students. PRD and English club leaders teach, using an English text book approved by the Ministry of Education (grades 4, 5, and 6). The English club spends 2 hours per day, 3 days a week.

Sports Club for Girls

PRD sponsors sports clubs for girls in eight schools, providing physical education and sports leadership classes as well as providing sports equipment to the schools.

Since 2018, PRD works with 8 sports clubs in Samlout and Pailin by cooperating with the Samlout and Pailin District of Education Officer and one sports teacher. The collaboration has produced a highly unique and successful program.

Scholarships for Girls

PRD offers individual scholarships of US$500 a year for local village girls to attend school. The scholarship includes a bicycle to get to school, a uniform for sports activities, and an apportionment of rice each month to the family of the student.

Since 2017, the PRD Education Program Manager has worked with teachers and school principals to identity 20 girl students from the poorest families to receive scholarships (10 girls from Pailin and 10 girls from Samlout).

Mobile and School Libraries and Reading Room

PRD believes the ability to read opens all doors.  PRD offers workshops, funds supplies and offers training on managing a library, establishing and running reading clubs, and how to conduct reading club meetings to librarians.

Since 2018, the PRD Education Program Manager has cooperated with school principals and school support committees in Veal Thmea and Doun Tret primary schools to establish the mobile library project in the communities by selecting and training 2 women volunteers to serve as librarians and to run the mobile library activities.

Life Skills

Students reap the benefit of working a vegetable garden in the eight school yards as part of PRD’s educational components.  The gardens provide lunch items for the students as well as offering the students lifelong life skills.

PRD provides the seeds and tools for vegetable gardening 2 times per year. Teachers make the vegetable garden a fully participatory and fun activity for all students. The garden yields year-round growth including morning glories, long beans, and cucumber, which, when coupled with the “egg plan” provides a nutritious meal.

Eco-Ranger Clubs for girls

Eco-Rangers promote the preservation of wildlife, water, forests and the dangers of pollution through a PRD program to inspire the next generation’s conservationists.  The Eco-Rangers enjoy tree planting which has the added benefit of improving the environment of the villages and landscape as well as being a favorite activity of the youth.

The PRD Education Program Manager works directly with the school principals and teachers at Mean Chey and Doun Tret primary schools to craft a meaningful Eco-ranger club for students and the communities.

PRD established the first computer club in Samlout high school. On 1 August 2023, PRD, school principal, DOEYS in Samlout and teachers launched the computer club for 20 girl students (grade 10-12). The club studies 2 hours per week outside the school hours.

This computer club for high school girls provided the basic typing skills, basic Microsoft office (word, excel, and power point). PRD provided monthly allowance for computer teachers 2 sessions (2hours) per week.