The Royal Government of Cambodia’s long range plan recognizes gender equity as a key component of national development, capacity building and human resource development. Under funding from ETFO (Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario), PRD is a leader in gender equity and women’s empowerment training in the community.

Educational Awareness

PRD reaches out to women in the villages, offering home counseling to address domestic violence, positive parenting, and gender awareness.  Following the first year of this training, the villages reported a 30% drop in abuse and violence.

TIGER (Teaching to Improve Gender Equality and Responsiveness)

PRD, and its partner VVOB (The Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance), bring the TIGER Project to schools in Battambang and Pailin provinces with the goal of ending violence against children at school. Teaching to Improve Gender Equality and Responsiveness offers gender knowledge training, coaching, peer learning and communication tools to the community, including parents, teachers, and school principals.

Women Empowerment

PRD proudly works with local Women’s Affairs groups at the commune and district level, conducting education awareness activities.