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Let me draw you in to our Cambodia, here in the northwest portion of our Kingdom. I want you to discover why we are passionate about helping our next generation with an assured education in a clean environment, our fathers and mothers with the latest agricultural methods, and forestry and natural resources conservation practices, and all of us women with confidence to defend ourselves from all forms of violence.

Our office is in the second largest city, Battambang.  It has a rich history – as a transportation hub, a trading center, for its Khmer culture and as examples of colonial architecture.  From our always open door, we see the Sangkae River as it meanders east to the Tonle Sap, not far away. The saffron robed monks can be seen walking under the flame trees on the road along the Sangkae, amidst the bustle of men and women at the open air market.  I can hear children playing along the banks of the river, music floating on the air, and the sounds of traffic in the distance.  The always slightly sweet, almost popcorn like fragrance of Battambang rice wafts from local restaurants.

This comfortable and historic place, with its kind and friendly people, inspire us everyday to reach out to our neighbors in the rural Samlot district and Pailin city.  We meet with them, work side by side with them, and involve them in ways that can provide a bright future.

Each day we witness children and women experiencing successes through our programs.  This is happening because of the generosity of people like you, our supporters and donors.  Please help us with these worthy endeavors:

  • $200 USD will provide soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste for 100 school children for a whole year;
  • $500 USD will send a child to school for a year and provide a bicycle to get there;
  • $600 USD will provide a training for women to develop the skills and confidence to attain their goals;
  • $2500 USD will build the necessary solar power, motors and piping for a school sanitation system providing clean, safe water for all children at that school.
  • A single dollar to a PRD account will grow with others to buy the supplies for a farmer.

We are building a hopeful new generation, educated, empowered, healthy, and sustaining, with food security – all with your kind assistance.

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